Hello New Patients and Welcome!

  • Please fill out our COVID19 Health Screening and Health History form prior to your initial appointment. 

  • Our form is submitted into a HIPAA compliant server to protect your confidentiality

  • If you prefer to fill out your new patient paperwork in person, you are more than welcome to do so. 

Listed below are some frequently asked questions and answers. We hope these will help provide you with what to expect. Should you have any additional questions, please contact our office so we can help!

Call us at: (413) 298-2122 or Email us at

Frequently asked questions

Do the needles in acupuncture hurt?

No, the needles insert into the body so quickly that the pain receptors under the skin cannot preceive the sensation as painful. In some areas where this is less flesh, such as the hands and feet, a sensation may be felt similar to a mosquito bite without the itch. This sensation should subside quickly after the needle has been inserted.

How many treatments will you need?

Everyone responds to acupuncture treatments differently so, multiple factors are evaulated to help determine a likely amount of treatments per patient. Some of these factors are listed below: -Constitution -How long have you had the condition you are seeking treatment for (acute vs. chronic) -Your overall health -Diet and lifestyle Keep in mind the body's resilience to heal and recover declines overtime as we age, and when we are not taking care of ourselves. Repairing damages that have occured to the body over time will need time to heal. Be patient with yourself, the healing process, and your treatment plan.

Do you reuse the needles?

No, we do not reuse the needles. Needles are disposed off after use in a biohazzard container. The needles are one-time-use, serile, stainless steal, filiform needles (meaning they are solid needles, unlike the needles you may be familiar seeing at a Western Physicians office.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

It is recommended to fill out your new patient paperwork prior to your appointment. You may print or fill the forms out right online. If you prefer to fill out your forms in person, you may. We would suggest arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment to allow enough time. Additionally: -Eat a small amount of food about an hour before your appointment -Wear loose fitted clothing or bring a change of clothing -During the pandemic it is now mandatory to wear a mask -Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverage prior to your appointment

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