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The results of your treatment can vary depending on the lifestyle habits and activities you engage in after treatment. What you do after acupuncture treatments can affect your results and how beneficial the treatments will have on your condition. We have listed below some recommendations of habits to avoid and habits to incorporate in order to maximize your results with acupuncture.

Common Questions After Treatment

How will I feel after my treatment?

Everyone responds to acupuncture treatments differently. For instance, some patients have experienced a surge of energy, others feel ready to take a nap. The key is to take it easy and rest after a treatment.

When will I start to feel better?

Everyone responds differently to acupuncture treatments and results will vary depending on the condition. You may feel benefits in other areas of your health before you start to notice changes in your main health concern. Generally, patients notice these benefits within 2-3 treatments however, this also depends on how acute or chronic your condition is.

Yes! We have listed some lifestyle habits and activities to avoid as well as, provide you with a list of recommendations on this page. Feel free to take some time to review them as they are designed to help maximize your results with acupuncture.  Your acupuncturist may also provide you with more condition-specific activities, stretches, or routines that will help support your progress with treatment.

What can I do to help support my healing process?

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What to avoid


Avoid the consumption of alcohol & caffeine 

Alcohol and caffeine can alter your state of mind and disrupt your bodily awareness. Drinking alcohol and caffeine after a treatment disrupts the effectiveness of acupuncture by depleting your body of hydration and essential nutrients which help your body heal.  You are likely to not benefit from the treatment and achieve maximum results if you drink alcohol or caffeine after your appointment. It is highly recommended that you abstain from the use of alcohol and caffeine after your treatment.


Avoid Strenuous Activities

The immediate effects of an acupuncture treatment can vary person-to-person. We all respond slightly differently, for instance, some people may have a surge of energy while others may want to relax and take a nap. The key is to take it easy after a treatment to allow the body the time it needs to heal.


Avoid Large, Heavy Meals & Junk Food

Acupuncture treatments drive toxins out of the body, move fluids, circulate blood and nutrients throughout our body to help facilitate the healing process. It is counterintuitive to eat junk food or poor-quality foods after a treatment. Avoid processed foods, fried/greasy food, and sugar to maximize the effects of your treatments.


Avoid Cold & Ice

Ice and cold should be reserved initially after an injury or an acute flare-up to reduce the level of inflammation and numb the pain. Thereafter, it is recommended to avoid cold and ice.  In Chinese Medicine, cold contributes to stagnation or the lack of movement of blood, fluids, and the free-flow of nutrients to help heal a particular area so, cold and ice would be counter-intuitive. We strongly suggest avoiding ice and cold after an acupuncture appointment because it will slow down the healing process.

Take it easy...

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Rest, relax, heal...

What we recommend


Drink Plenty of Water

We recommend drinking plenty of water after your treatments to achieve the best results and flush out any toxins. Water hydrates the body, lubricates, and moves nutrients to areas of the body that need it the most. We are made up of 70% water so it is key to keep hydrated for optimal results.


Rest, Relax, Heal

Instead of engaging in strenuous exercise or stressful activities, we recommend relaxing, resting, and resuming your activities the following day. Allow time for your body to heal.


Eat Healthy, Nutrient-Dense Foods

We recommend eating plenty of nutrient-dense foods to support your healing process and maximize the results of your acupuncture treatments. 


Warmth, Heat, Comfort

We recommend using warmth with a heating pad or heat with a warming topical ointment to help increase blood circulation and mobility. Warm baths or showers with Epsom salt can also help decrease your experience of inflammation and pain.

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